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How Carbon Guard Works

Repairing foundation walls with carbon fiber straps is a simple and straightforward process. Carbon straps are far stronger than steel, yet are less stiff. This flexibility means carbon fiber straps are easy to maneuver and manipulate, which allows for installation in less than a day. 

The Carbon Fiber Strap utilizes its unmatched tensile strength to hold the concrete in place and prevent future bowing. When carbon is epoxied to the wall it becomes stronger than the original wall. However, if external pressure continues, the carbon will hold the wall together but the wall can still move. 

Our top anchor and bottom anchor are what secures the wall from moving inward in a tipping or shearing motion. This is one of the many features that sets Carbon Shield apart from the competition.


Carbon Guard was founded in 2010 to develop industry-leading foundation repair products. There has been a great deal of mystery surrounding the Fiber Reinforced Plastics industry in the past. Carbon Guard brought a unique perspective to the field because the co-founders came from very different backgrounds and industries: the construction industry and the high-end composite industry.

This unique perspective allows us to be driven by innovation instead of creating a series of “me too” products. 

Carbon Guard Offers: 

  • Over 20 years of experience perfecting Carbon Fiber for basement applications
  • 30-year warranty 
  • Patented anchored system far stronger and more reliable than straps alone 
  • Strongest epoxy on the market 
  • Commercial strength Carbon


Applying a carbon fiber strap to your property’s wall is a straightforward but involved process. We, therefore, offer videos to help provide you a clear visualization of the process. 

Our videos show a real demonstration by a homeowner. We aren’t using actors or a trained professional installer. Our goal is to show you how easy it is to do DIY foundation repair.