Carbon Guard 6 Strap Kit- FREE SHIPPING

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The Carbon Guard 6-Strap kit is ideal for smaller projects where you need to address basement wall bowing, tipping/leaning, or shearing. Carbon Guard is the strongest Carbon Fiber fabric system on the market. It’s the only carbon fiber fabric system with both a bottom and top anchor.

Installs in a matter of hours and protects walls for decades!

Kit Includes:

  • 1  55-foot roll of 450 GSM carbon fiber, enough for 6 straps on a standard 8′ wall
  • 6 Top Anchors with screws
  • 6 Bottom Anchors
  • 6  Tubes of Xtreme 800  saturant epoxy
  • 1  Tube of Xtreme 1200 anchoring epoxy
  • 6  Static epoxy mixers
  • 1 Roller tray
  • 1 Roller with heads
  • 2 Plastic Trowels
  • Rubber gloves


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