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Originally developed for NASA and the U.S. Military for applications demanding extreme strength, carbon fiber is stronger than steel but not as stiff. However, carbon fiber is lightweight and easy-to-manage making it a simple to use, quickly installed solution for basement and foundation repair applications.

Carbon Guard?

The Carbon Guard System is the culmination of over 20-years of design, application, and field testing. Carbon Guard is the only truly “anchored” carbon fabric system on the market today. Other such systems rely upon adhesive alone, or poorly designed anchors for top and bottom attachment. Choosing the Carbon Guard System could be one of the most valuable investments you make for your home!

Key Benefits of the 
Carbon Guard System

  • Subtle appearance – straps help maintain home value and are less conspicuous than bulky steel repairs.
  • Quicker installation – most projects can be completed in a single day!
  • No maintenance – straps will not corrode or deteriorate like steel.
  • Paintable – painted straps disappear into the wall finish.
  • Versatile – straps can be installed in wet basements and crawl spaces and will not interfere with basement drains.
  • Preventative – straps can be installed as a first step to any basement finishing project, providing added peace of mind.

Key Features of the Carbon Guard System

Patented top and bottom anchors resist shear and tilting stresses.

Unidirectional vs. bidirectional fiber reinforcement yields uncompromised tensile strength.

450 GSM carbon fiber provides the ideal balance of strength vs. adhesion.

Features both structural and saturating epoxy (bonding agent) for unrivaled adhesion to concrete and block.

30-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Made in the U.S.A.

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